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I come from China and I study in America at present. I participated in many college student design competitions in China to improve me professional skills, and I did an internship in the volunteer organization of college, such as wall painting with teachers and volunteer to teach children to draw in art studio. Because it makes me to be a more patient and kind-hearted person and my major can be used in this way. In addition, I love traveling and exploring the unknown. For instance, I will travel to some remote places and try some activities that I have never tried before. Therefore, I hope to explore the most beautiful art in the journey, and then share and communicate it with more people. Besides I have been to Britain, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and now come to the United States, I deeply feel the culture and art of different places. After arriving in the United States, I have been exposed to more styles of design works and learned a lot from them. Chinese art tends to be traditional while American art tends to be modern, so I began to learn how to integrate both Chinese and American styles into my work. Although this has proven to be a challenge for me, the combination of Chinese and American cultures made my designs more unique and I still trying to overcome it and I hope to have better design works in the future.

Xinmiao Tao

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